Selected Projects

Design Strategy | Service Design | User-Centered Research


Interactive, animated, and whimsical weather widget

This web app will bring together the latest ideas in web3, ai, and et.c. But, you know, for a weather app.


Product line branding

Facilitate a series of workshops for brand naming, with a variety of experts. Generate and report, brand directions.


In this very rapid user-centered research and service design project, we helped the Maintenance and Service organization at Kone better understand their customers, and developed prototype solutions that use newly developed technologies.

We conducted an impressive amount research with short planning and execution schedules, reported out, and returned to conduct several workshops, including one with their customers at an important yearly exposition.


Nio is a Shanghai-based electric car startup. Before the release of their most recent model, they desired to have user-testing to understand the value of various features in the eyes of their customers.

Kaiser Permanente

Design of oncology infusion built environment. Revealing the value of design thinking through a rewardng project building a better space for chemotherapy patients, caregivers, and healthcare professionals


We created a service that provides value to the city of Chicago by encouraging new bicyclists to begin riding while providing Chicago with important data on its biking community and infrastructure.

Active Fantasy Sports

Discovery of service design improvements and business opportunities in a professor's research project. is an online platform for self-tracking enthusiasts. Sort of like Github, sort of like IFTTT, leverages its community to build "long tail" applications, which we call recipes, that make use of the growing assortment of self-tracking devices.