User Research

Tinker.it is an online platform for self-tracking enthusiasts. Sort of like Github, sort of like IFTTT, Tinker.it leverages its community to build "long tail" applications, which we call recipes, that make use of the growing assortment of self-tracking devices.

We created a service offering for a segment of people who use self-tracking devices in a completely new way. "Experimenters" hack their devices and data. They are not satisfied by learning what existing devices can tell them, but instead ask a question and seek a means to the answer -- building it themselves if needed.

Experimenters currently make many unique and varied experiments on themselves. They are typically technically adept and self-starters. They start with a question, find the devices that will help them answer it, and collect and analyze their data. They do this all with support from informal communities.

Notable Award in Strategy and Research at 2014 Core77 Design Awards

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