The year is 2045.

AGI has existed for at least 5 years. Technology is advancing rapidly and AI is transforming the world sector by sector. The US, EU and China have managed a steady, if uneasy, power equilibrium. India, Africa and South America are quickly on the rise as major players. Despite ongoing challenges, there have been no major wars or other global catastrophes. The world is not dystopian and the future is looking bright.


The Future of Life Institute solicited visions of a future with strong artificial intelligence (AI). A future that is plausible and aspirational.

Entries consist of:

  • answers to a series of questions about the world built,
  • two text pieces,
  • one original non-text work,
  • and a timeline of events from 2023 to 2045.

  • a world

    My Entry

    My two worldbuilding stories are brief interviews from the future, from which we can (hopefully) see the future, plausible, aspirational world through our interviewee's eyes



    Content generation and sharing company Disco completes initial seed round
    Taylor Swift re-releases "1989"
    Tiktok reaches 1 billion MAU


    Solid state lithium-ion batteries produced
    TSMC makes 5nm chip in Arizona fab
    Lithium prices reach $80,000 per ton


    Sweden and Finland join NATO
    US President reopens Arctic oil drilling
    Crude oil futures drop below $50


    US Congress passes DEBT act (first of what later will be called UBI)
    Amazon Abode announces 3D printed smart home project in Zzyzx
    YouTube reaches 2 billion daily hours viewed


    Congress passes Telehealth Benefit Expansion for Workers Act
    Pig heart transplant patient survives less than a year
    US total healthcare expenditure passes $5 trillion


    Farmbots demonstrates mechanical organic pest control
    Marijuana legalized in US
    US agriculture exports tops $200 billion


    China announces creation of first AGI
    US declares China's AGI not real
    China growth slows to 3%


    US announces AGI "moonshot"
    SpaceX launches crewed mission to Mars
    US GDP passes $30 trillion


    US announces creation of first AGI
    Waymo achieves level 4½ autonomous driving
    US car ownership drops for first time


    US and China sign "Saigon Accords," agreement on the matter of Taiwan
    US introduces central bank digital currency
    China growth returns to 5%


    US patent #1117878865 issued: Method for price discrimination in cross-channel banked data systems
    Meta announces name change to Metacoin
    Disco reaches $1 trillion valuation


    Johns Hopkins University paper on cause of obesity is indecipherable, but proves true
    Chinese modifications of human genome called "human experimentation"
    Telemedicine accounts for 50% of US healthcare interactions


    Russia, Iran, Turkey, Saudi Arabia form AGI-containment bloc
    Origin of convincing "alien hoax" cannot be determined
    Crude oil futures drop below $40


    Copyright law revamped to accommodate AI creations, automatic ecurrency royalties for remixed art
    "Lego Taxidriver," top grossing US movie, created by teenager, released on Disco
    Violent crime rates in US fall below 200 per 100,000


    Pink noise nervous disorder recognized
    Coma patient communicates using Neuralink
    US total healthcare expenditure passes $7 trillion


    Apple TV releases "Madmen Unlimited"
    "Disco death" streaming overdose epidemic called "moral panic"
    Arts and entertainment comprises 6% of US GDP


    "Uberwars" taxi jostling precipitates Congressional hearings
    Los Angeles introduces "ticktime, tocktime" limiting movement at peak transit hours
    US unemployment rate in transportation sector exceeds 40%


    Eliezer Yudkowsky declares first AGI created in 2035 in Switzerland
    League of AI AG is founded
    US trade is balanced (no deficit) with half of exports from services


    Construction begins on DEMO net-positive nuclear fusion generator
    Denmark achieves "net 1%" energy emissions
    US agricultural greenhouse gas emissions at 50% of 2020 levels


    CHECK act passed (later described as UBI) in US
    US life expectancy at birth rises sharply to 84 years


    Apple announces Q chip "quantum" computer
    Boeing nanotube "soaring dino" jetliner begins production
    US GDP passes $50 trillion


    UCSD's GireiAI makes convincing case for practical space-elevator design
    NASA launches Phaeon, "pac-man pellet" extra-solar mission
    SpaceX valuation passes $1 trillion


    Philips COR scanner compared to Star Trek tricorder
    China sells "moonweed," 淫羊藿 grown on the moon
    US healthcare expenditures drops to 12% of GDP


    SynchronAI shares Nobel prize in physics with human experimental team for conceptualization (and later discovery) of Gianotti particle
    Disco acquires Disney
    Disco revenue surpasses $2 trillion